Saturday, December 12, 2009


After hours of spinning your wheels at the office, do you ever wonder why you even showed up?  There was a time that I considered renting a remote office where I would be able to get away and actually get some work done.  Now, with advances in technology, a couple of simple tools solve the problem.

There are two electronic tools that I use on a daily basis in my mobile office.  1) An Apple MacBook Air and 2) An Apple iPhone

As this post ages, I'm sure I will look back and laugh at how I thought these were the ultimate tools in productivity.  Things will change for sure to only get better.  For now though, these two items enable me to be continuously productive while away from the office.

By having a mobile office, I can utilize moments that may have otherwise been unproductive.  Sometimes these moments can turn into hours like when an oil change turns into a brake change or a car wash turns into a hand wash.  All is well though when your smart phone keeps you connected and your computer enables you to advance projects on the go.

So, when you want to be productive away from the office, always pack a smart phone and a computer.  Get more done with fewer interruptions and make down time productive time.