Tuesday, May 01, 2012


The next time you have a management meeting or employee evaluation, consider these questions. You'll be surprised at the answers you'll get. Create an open forum and give guidance with the questions you ask. Those in the meeting will appreciate that you care enough to ask. Ask each person in the meeting to express himself. Go around the room with question #1 and then repeat the loop through each subsequent question. After each round, everyone will get the idea and become more and more open to expressing themselves.

1. How do you think your work is going?
2. How do you feel you have been growing in your work?
3. What are your goals?
4. How can we help you meet them?

You have a valuable opportunity here to become part of the process. As you go around the room, take a turn yourself and answer each question from your own perspective. Your answers are the summary of what you want to say every day and it expresses your vision. It paints a picture for the team to emulate.

None of these answers are pre-planned and there lies the beauty of it! Without preparation or pre-planning you'll get top-of-mind answers without any fluff.