I have studied self-improvement technology for many years. As a result, I have a huge library of books, CD's and tapes (from the old days). In addition, I've been to many seminars and have taken assessments that have helped me understand my roles and personal strengths. This has lead me to create the vision and mission statements that have kept me focused. They have a way of being dynamic and every so often, I make small improvements. Here is that work in process:

My Roles: I lead as a husband, father and entrepreneur by being a creator, influencer and equalizer.


In other words...

I solve problems by staying ahead, being introspective and making a difference with unending ideas.

My Mission: I am dedicated to creating a legacy by focusing daily on my pyramid of governing values which are ACCOUNTABILITY, STEWARDSHIP and CHARACTER!


I achieve outstanding performance when in a peak state and I can change my state in an instant. At times I may get burned but if I’m in a peak state, I won’t feel it.

When I don’t know what to do, I’ll first put myself in state. I’ll hydrate, breath deep and with a snap of the fingers, I’m on a new path and in a peak state.

I find passion in life when I connect and contribute to people. I am committed and resolved to take immediate, intelligent and massive action every day. Life is urgent and so there are no “shoulds”; only “musts”. I thoughtfully design the future but I am honest with myself and know when I “must” change.

With urgency, I am creating a legacy of generational influence by raising a new standard; a standard of proximity, certainty and leverage. With total immersion, I can accelerate the future and compress decades into days. I don’t major in minor things. Knowing that successful people leave clues, I’ll find them and model them. My values determine my direction and my direction determines my destiny!
If I figure out why, I can figure out how to do anything I want in this world. I have the technology inside of me for growth and evolution. I’ll use that technology to help others rise up and then I'll rise up myself. Life is more than just existing, it's about living!