Sunday, August 05, 2012


As I mentioned before in my post called Business is Like a Firewalk, my wife and I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar called Unleash the Power Within in San Jose, CA a couple of weeks ago.

In over 50 hours of seminar time, I took a lot of notes. These are the statements that I felt were the most powerful. They aren't necessarily direct quotes and some are more of a reflection of my own thoughts.

Here are my notes. The super highlights are shown in bold:

  • If you are doing well in this season, you'll do even better in every other season.
  • Change takes place in a moment.
  • Leadership has 3 mandates:
    1. Don't see things worse than they are.
    2. See things better than they are.
    3. Make it the way you see it.
  • Home for you is inside. Be at home more.
  • The most powerful investment you can make is in yourself.
  • The secret to living is giving.
  • Biography is not destiny.
  • Hunger is better than talent.
  • Breakthrough: I need to be more connected with people.
  • Your source of energy is in your psychology.
  • Emotion is created by motion.
  • Use your nervous system to propel you further.
  • Motive does matter. That's what a vision statement is for.
  • Turn your shoulds into musts.
  • Most people should all over themeselves.
  • If you want to take the island, burn the boats.
  • Don't just dabble in things. Take massive action.
  • Create your own miracles.
  • Your competive goal should be to add more value than anyone else.
  • Respnsibility is the ability to respond.
  • It's our decisions that control us.
  • Decide what to focus on.
  • Focus on what you can control.
  • If you know what's coming, you can anticipate.
  • You need to ask yourselve these 3 questions:
    1. What should I focus on?
    2. What does that mean?
    3. What am I going to do?
  • Decisions = destiny.
  • Two forces that affect your decisions:
    1. Your state.
    2. Your blueprint (values & beliefs)
  • In order to effectively influence another, you have to know what already influences them.
  • Take virgin coconut oil - 1tsp, 3x per day (not much said about this, research needed)
  • State -> Story -> Strategy
  • When you change your state, you've changed your story.
  • You need a new story.
  • You need a story that is empowering.
  • When you change your story, you change your life.
  • You don't need an excuse to feel good.
  • Celebrate for no good reason.
  • It's absolutely stupid to stay in a negative state.
  • What people fear most is what people want most.
  • Change your state and passion is unleashed.
  • Communicate, visit, stay in touch.
  • Words can make a state change for yourself and others.
  • Different words will create a different state.
  • Change your state, change your life.
  • Your state can be changed in a moment.
  • "Seek and ye shall find."
  • What stops us from getting what we want?
  • Fear = False Evidence About Reality
  • Two core fears (we tell ourselves stories about these):
    1. You are not enough.
    2. You won't be loved.
  • You need to be about something more than yourself.
  • Get honest with what your stories are.
  • Dance with your fears. 
  • Align with your fears.
  • What determines the quality of your life.
    • The meaning we give things.
    • Find meaning in things.
    • Find meaning larger than yourself.
  • Meaning = Emotion
  • Emotion = Life
  • You must become a master of controlling meaning.
  • Where do you spend most of your life emotionally?
  • The 3 molders of meaning are:
    1. Power of psychology
    2. Focus
    3. Language
  • Two words and a clap can instantly change your state: "Step Up, Step Up, Step Up!"
  • Say it loud and with emotion.
  • EGO = Edging God Out
  • You can't be fearful and greatful simultaneously.
  • You made this "shit" up, now change it!
  • Re-design your blueprint.
  • Faith is imagination directed.
  • Give the world your full presence.
  • Stop thinking so much about yourself.
  • Change strategy by changing physiology, focus and language.
  • Why do we do the things we do?
  • People create problems that meet their needs.
  • People create addictions like anger.
  • Empowering Needs:
      • Consistent and growing income.
      • Reliable and comfortable transportation
      • Stable family environment
      • Listening to children
      • Not judging others
      • Mentoring
    • VARIETY:
      • Activities with family
      • New systems and processes
      • Vacations
      • Lead meetings
      • Give advice
      • Be a mentor
      • Show up
      • Magnify callings
      • Respected by my employees
      • Respected by my children
  • Disempowering Needs:
      • Be strict with children
      • Be angry with employees
      • Ignoring employees
      • Talking negatively about others
      • Ignoring employees
      • Spending money just to feel better
      • Being angry with people
  • My top 2 are:
    1. CERTAINTY and 
    • Bad reasons to want more money, etc.
  • Ask, what has neglecting the other needs cost me?
  • My top 2 should be:
    1. CONNECTION and 
    •  Good reasons to want more money, etc.
  • My life would be changed with these needs by:
    • Having more loyal employees.
    • Children will feel more unconditional love.
    • Having the satisfying feeling that comes when helping others.
    • I would reach out more and rescue people.
    • Think less of self, more of others.
  • Read the book: "The Millionaire Next Door".
  • Clarity is power.
  • It's okay to have money if you want it and get it for the right reasons.
    • Connection and Contribution
  • Take massive action.
  • In life there are winners and learners.
  • Repetition is the mother of skill.
  • Conditioning is an ongoing process.
  • Everything is shaped by our beliefs.
  • A belief is a feeling of certainty.
  • In order to change, you have to feel that failing to change now = massive, immediate pain.
  • Change is never a matter of ability, it is always a matter of motivation.
  • Changing now = massive, immediate pleasure.
  • Don't link pain to the better behavior (ie: better eating).
  • Take forward motion with emotion.
  • Engage your entire nervous system.
  • Create outstanding performance by being in a peak state.
  • Find passion every day by connecting and contributing to people.
  • Decide, commit and resolve to take immediate, intelligent, consistent & massive action.
  • Be honest with yourself in knowing when a change in course is necessary.
  • Create generational influence through connection and contribution.
  • Put yourself into total immersion for self empowerment.
  • Proximity is power (where you are).
    • It's your location stupid!
  • Find other's recipies and copy them for your own success.
  • Get leverage.
  • Create certainty.
  • Model results.
  • The father of skill is praise.
  • What is my x-factor?
    • Show people what to do then get out of the way. 
    • Creating systems & processes to see the forest through the trees.
  • Successful people leave clues so model them.
  • Firewalk is a metaphor.
  • I won't major in minor things.
  • While in the seminar, I wrote a new VISION STATEMENT.
  • I can achieve outstanding performance when in a peak state.
  • Read book: "The Talent Code", by Coyle
  • Skills are utilized when you have certainty.
  • Incantations: "I now command my whole soul to Stand Up! Stand Up! Stand Up!"
    • Say that in the car then walk confidently into any situation.
  • If you are in the wrong state, you can't make things work properly.
  • If you are going through hell, don't stop, keep going.
  • If you are walking through fire, don't stop, keep going.
  • Most people try to get our attention through pain.
  • If you give up, you begin to die.
  • Our identity comes from experiencing our challenges.
  • REVELATION: Business (Life) is like a firewalk, sometimes you get burned but if you are in the right state, you won't feel it.
  • Taste what you really want.
  • What would you have to believe to get what you want?
  • You'll begin to move as soon as you create pain about where you are.
  • "I am connection and contribution."
  • Training never stops when you want an extraordinary life.
  • Learn how to help others get what they want.
  • The secret to wealth and hapiness is to be a team player.
  • Power moves to those who are willing to serve.
  • The more you care, the more personal power you have.
  • People will do more for others than they will sometimes do for themeselves.
  • Make small connections. You never know the ramifications.
  • Give people the gift of changing their state.
  • When you treat people well who treat you poorly, they never forget it.
  • Self esteem comes from doing something difficult.
  • You can have an ordinary meal or you can create magic.
  • When you truly love, all you want to do is give.
  • Some people give love in order to get a return on their investment.
  • Love because that's who you really are.
  • Give love and expect nothing in return.