Monday, February 22, 2010


You've read the books and heard the mantra to put "First Things First".  Well, it's true but what is the first thing?

The first thing is the worst thing.  So, let's change the popular time management tip to say "Worst Things First".

I venture to say that we all have those things that we put off because they are truly the worst things to deal with.  We tend to fill our day with tasks that avoid bad news or conflict.  Getting the worst things done first saves time.  You won't have to leave the office with unfinished business that keeps you preoccupied through the night. So, come into the office in the morning and tackle that one thing that is pressing and demands the solution that only you can give.

If you do the right thing (the worst thing), the day will end with accomplishment and the satisfaction that you made the best use of your time.