Saturday, September 08, 2012


Today you are going away to college. Your mom and me hope that we've given you all you need for success but just in case, here is some last minute advice.

I hope that every day is great but exceptions are likely. Remember that you can achieve outstanding performance when you are in a peak state and you can change your state in an instant. All you have to do is decide. Fake it till' you make it if necessary. Do something ridiculous to interrupt a bad pattern.

Find passion in life by connecting and contributing to others. Be committed and resolved to take immediate, intelligent and massive action every day. Make a plan and plan to make it. Don't fall behind. Not turning in your homework is not an option. A successful life requires that you do your homework!

Life is urgent and so there are no “shoulds”; only “musts”. Thoughtfully design your future, be honest with yourself and know when you “must” make a change. This is evolution and progress never stops.

Live urgently. Time doesn't stop and you only have so much time. Remember that you are creating a legacy of generational influence by raising a new standard; a standard of proximity, certainty and leverage. It matters where you are are who you are with. It's about location, location, location!

I always think of the chain of good people in our family who passed on good values. Those who have gone before you would be proud; those who come after will be blessed. Be that fork in the road that leads new generations in a better direction. It's your responsibility to never be a weak link in the chain. Your values determine your direction and your direction determines your destiny!

With total immersion, you can accelerate the future and compress decades into days. Don’t waste time and don't major in minor things. Knowing that successful people leave clues, find them, interview them and model them. Blog it then write that book!

If you figure out why, you can figure out how to do anything you want in this world. Know why! You have the technology inside of you for growth and evolution. Use that technology to help others rise up and then you'll rise up yourself. Help them get what they need and want and they'll help you.

Be high functioning. Turn off autopilot and take control. Little things make a big difference. Make small adjustments and you can land on a dime! Life is about more than just existing, it's about living! Those who shuffle sometimes trip and fall. Those who pick up their feet, run!

Don't forget your strengths which are:

Futuristic: Visualize your future
Competition: Do your best to stay ahead
Significance: What you do matters
Ideation: Generate unending ideas
Maximizer: Make the most of opportunity

Post this on your wall where you can see it every day:

"I visualize my future, doing my best to stay ahead while doing what matters, generating unending ideas and making the most of my opportunities."

You can accelerate faster when you focus on what you're good at than when you focus on your weaknesses.

So, go out and make your mark. Keep your sense of humor and lead others with your big smile!

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