Thursday, July 21, 2016


The other day, I received a message from a good friend of ours. His friend, who happens to be a senior citizen, had a leak under her trailer home. He told me that she had a limited budget.

We sent a technician who bravely crawled under the home and ran straight into a "Bull Snake"! I don't know what that is but apparently it scared the devil right out of him! That tech left the job shaking in his boots (and likely headed to therapy). So, we sent another tech who crawled under the home (after the snake was gone) and made the repair!

The "customer" was very surprised when she found out that I had directed the technician not to charge her anything. Having to pay for something like this would have had a big impact on her budget yet it was something that had to be done. My friend was equally elated when he heard the story from her.

I received a nice note from her a few days later...

So, the point is, do something for your friends once in a while. It's the best marketing you can do!