Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Next Chapter

When I look back at the last 55 years, I realize that the whole thing is comprised of many chapters. 

Here's some news about the next chapter.

The Next Chapter
This week I started a program to become a certified Health & Life Coach. I've always had a passion for helping others and handing out little "tidbits" of advice. I especially enjoy helping young people find their passion because I remember how hard it was when I was their age.

Since I was about age 20, I started to realize that weight management could be a problem. Along with the loss of my beautiful head of hair, I lost a lot of my metabolism over the years. 

That time was the beginning of a 35 year battle to keep my weight down. I wasn't always successful in keeping the weight off for long periods of time but I made many valiant attempts.

Before and After
Most recently, I really set my mind to the task and have lost over 110 pounds. Now that I'm in the rhythm of things I know that I really have become an expert at how to lose weight. Now, I'm setting out to become an expert at how to keep weight off.

That's why I started a program to become a certified Health and Life Coach. It's a 6-month project and I'm glad to have started the process. I've read thousands of pages on the subject of health and fitness over the years so I have a good start. I always say, "If you want to talk to an expert on heath and fitness, ask a fat person." I was that person; an expert but unable to make the application permanent. 
Health Coaching

What will I do with this? I can imagine that there are many that I can help. A little coaching and accountability is the missing key for most. It's not about additional income for me. It's more about a burning desire to share all that I've learned and continue to learn so that others can reach their goals as well. It's a struggle. I know what its like and I have some great ideas to help others in their unique journey.

Over these years, at some point, I found an interest in protein and meal replacement shakes. It was a good way for me to regulate the number of calories I took in as well as get more protein. I've tried so many of these that I can't even begin to estimate how many. All I know is there are some really nasty tasting ones out there and not very many good ones. Of course, they get better with more calories but then, what's the point? I also wanted to keep the ingredients natural and plant-based.

My son and I have been working on developing our own weight loss shake for going on 2 years now. We are calling it ShakeBox. We have the prototype and it is amazing! We're working on the packaging right now and hope to have it available for purchase this quarter.

ShakeBox is a monthly subscription service that can be cancelled anytime. One of the main features of the service is that subscribers will get a letter each month with their order from their "ShakeBox Health Coach". 

The first order comes with a diet program and tips on how to incorporate the ShakeBox shake into their diet. Every month following contains a new letter tailored to the journey.

So, that's it. That's how I'll begin to share this new learning and my upcoming certification as a Health and Life Coach.

Stay tuned for ShakeBox. It's coming soon!