Saturday, September 01, 2012


So here we are with the family at a "staycation" at a beautiful Phoenix resort. We exercised hard in this wonderful gym then played in the pools and basked in the sun. All of us were worn out completely!

Before we knew it, we realized we hadn't eaten or had anything to drink in several hours! Everyone in the family was irritable. I was sad that the food was so expensive and there weren't a lot of options after lunch time and before dinner.

As we stood in the blistering Arizona sun waiting for the food to be ready, I wondered what I could do to change our depressing mood (or at least mine). I put my hands on my daughters shoulders and just gave her the gift of a shoulder massage. Who doesn't like to have their shoulders massaged?

I instantly felt better and so did she. Changing the mood of at least two people was as easy as a shoulder massage and it happened in an instant.

Now there's a trick I'll try more often!